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At Miami County Quilters' Guild our purpose shall be to stimulate an interest in quilts, to promote and advance the art of quilt making and to conduct educational programs and services in the design and techniques of quilt making.
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2023 Blocks Of The Month

also includes pictures from monthly programs and our show and tell portion of our meetings.....
Includes pictures from past workshops, programs and the last Drag & Brag Quilt Show.....

June BOM 
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2023 Miami County Quilt Challenge
Celebrate Your Birth
Birthstone + Flower of the Month = Wall Hanging
The challenge is to make a wall hanging that represents both your birthstone and the flower of the month in which you were born. The wall hanging must be no bigger than 24 inches by 36 inches. Challenge wall hangings will be displayed at our July meeting.
Use your imagination on how you can get the basic idea across to others.
                January—garnet                                          July—ruby
                February—amethyst                                    August—peridot, spinel
                March—aquamarine                                    September—sapphire
                April—diamond                                           October—opal, tourmaline
                May—emerald                                            November—topaz, citrine
                June—pearl, moonstone, alexandrite            December—turquoise, zircon, tanzanite
Birth Flowers
                January—carnation, snowdrop                     July—larkspur, water lily
                February—violet, primrose                           August—gladiolus, poppy
                March—daffodil                                          September—aster, morning glory
                April—daisy, sweet pea                               October—marigold, cosmos
                May—lily of the valley, hawthorn                  November--chrysanthemum
                June—rose, honey suckle                            December—narcissus, holly

These lists come from Wikipedia and 
Additional websites for colors of flowers and stones are and 
Or just google birth stone and birth flower and several sites will come up.
Have fun being creative!