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Our original statement of project:
Veterans receiving quilts: 
served during war time, whether state-side or overseas and must currently reside in Miami County, Kansas. Exception: Family members of MCQG members who served and lived outside of Miami County may receive a quilt - the member is responsible for delivery. 
Quilts will be given in the order of wars starting with WWII, Korean, Vietnam, Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Iraq & Afghanistan. The exception is a veteran that served in a more recent war but has a health situation - they will receive a quilt sooner. 

Quilts should be no smaller than 60 inches or larger than 75 inches. 
We are not trying to give "bed-size" quilts but more memorable throws or wall hangings. 

Project Status:
We have wrapped, and to date the Guild has made and presented over 600 Quilts of Appreciation.  We were honored to be able to show our appreciation to so many deserving veterans.  This effort was made possible by so many, and thanks to all that donated sewing, material, time, phone calls, monetary donations, and everything that went into making this project a success.  Special thanks goes to Joyce Geiger for heading up this project and keeping everyone on track.

Project Update:
We have committed to make Veteran's Quilts for the Tiny Houses Veteran's Project in Kansas City. This project provides tiny houses free of charge to homeless Veterans. Miami County Quilt Guild will provide a Veteran's Quilt to each Veteran upon the receipt of their tiny house. The quilts will belong to the Veteran and will be theirs to take with them when they move. 
Allen Ewalt

Clarrence Whittaker

Earl Vohs

Fred Barnes

Roy Davidson

Presentation at Louisburg VFW - December 2013

Welby Knop

Thomas Fangrow

Presentation at Osawatomie Memorial Hall - May 2014

Presentation in Louisburg at the First Christian Church  - August 2016

Frank Storch
William Brown
William Derks
Raymond Elwood
Richard Hoisington
Ed Hodge
Serving during the Korean War :
Serving during the Vietnam War :
Click on pictures below to see larger image and name...
Jake Allen
Richard Allen
Donald Bain
Jim Blanchard
Larry Bond
James Breckenridge
Mike Brewer
Gary Brown
Roger Bryant
Tom Burke
Bob Clodfalter
James Cockburn
Dennis Cranor
Jessie Crigger
Kurt Crossley
Richard Davenport
William Dodsen
Gary Donahue
Thomas Drake
Charles Dulin
Louis Dunn
Jerry Eggleston
Richard Emmons
David Favor
Gary Fisher
William Fisher
Peter Flander
Gary Franklin
James Gast
Charles Gatlin Jr
Ken Gillihan
Mark Gilliland
Charles Golba
Jim Gray
David Griffin
John Hahn
Rick Harris
Robert Hartgrave
Stewart Hink
Joe Hoffman
James Holland
Bob Honda
Robert Howard
Earl Kern
Roger Kern
Robert King
Frank Kircher
Wayne Knop
John Kueser
Richard Kirkpatrick
James Lancaster
Charles Lewis
Jim Lewis
Glenn Leyser
David Maddax
David Mallory
Jerry Marks
David Marmon
Michael Martin Sr.
John Marzolf
John McClain
Chet McLaughlin
Dennis Meek
Denton Meek
John Meyer
Michael Miller
John Mitchell
Walter Novak
Butch Overly
Darlin Perdwn
Steve Pierce
Glenn Pooler
Daniel Rankin
Ronald Reed
Bob Richards
James Richardson
Joe Richardson
Daniel Robertson
Keith Robinson
Joe Schaub
Ronald Schneider
Dennis Scott
Jim Seck
Scott Shane
Harold Sherard
Eddie Simmons
Larry Simpson
Mark Skeens
Gene Smith
Joseph Steck
Tom Stone
Larry Swinnerton
Henry Turner
Patrick Tyler
Dennis Vail
Donald Vohs
Steven Vohs
Michael Waite
Arnold Weers
Larry Weers
Billy Weissand
Keith White
Darrell Williamson
Larry Windisch
Ray Wrisley
James Xenos
Junior York
Richard Zimmerman
Serving during the Desert Shield / Desert Storm / Iraq / Afghanistan Wars :
Richard Anglet Jr.
Brian Brinkman
Tommy Holland
Jacob Hillaker
Jason Keuser
Tim Lewallen
Bill Murphy
Steve Pascale
Jarrod Ridenour
Joe Schowalter
Vicki Schowalter
Tim Shea
Don Ward
James Ward Jr.
James Ward Sr.