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Member's Choice and Viewer's Choice
 1st - Kathy Havelka                2nd  - Becky Maimer               3rd place - Belle Gifford

Baby Quilt

New Quilter Quilt
Art Quilt

Large Applique Quilt

Large Pieced Quilt

Small Pieced Quilt

  1st  - Diane Jennerich             2nd - Dianna Cook           3rd  - Helen Ramsey
     1st - Teresa Dougan                    2nd -Ruth Fladung               3rd  - Teresa Dougan
       1st - Joyce Geiger                   2nd - Janna Renner                3rd - Kathy Scott
 1st - Chloeann Longgood       2nd - Dorothy Challacomb       3rd - Branda Jenkins

     1st  -Kathy Scott                 2nd - Charlotte Bousman         3rd - Laura Davids
1st - Kathy Scott                       2nd- Betsy O'Shea              3rd - Cindy Wilbur-Kleopfer
Miniature Quilt

     1st - Teresa Pfau                    2nd - Janna Renner                   3rd - Laura Davids

2018 Drag & Brag Quilt Show
2018 Gallery of Category Winning Quilts        
  click on any of the pictures below to see a larger image

2019 Kids Camp
May 18  - Cee Kueser and Laurie Jacklovich held Quilt Camp. 
Kids of all ages were invited to make a fun fast fantastic quilt top. 
Many members of MCQG showed up to help these young quilters. 
Pizza and pop were enjoyed for lunch. 
It appears a fun time was had by all! 

August 27th Workshop  -  Barn Quilts !     Presented by  AnnaRose Hart White
Not our usual workshop, but oh so much fun!    Luckily we were able to utilize bldg. 4 at the fairgrounds, which made for a really pleasant day.  A large group made barn quilts ranging in size from a 1x1, 2x2, 4x4, and even 8x8 feet!  Guided in our endeavors by AnnaRose and her mother Connie we worked our way through picking a design, doing the layout, tape prep and finally painting.   Most of those doing the 1x1 and 2x2 finished, as well as a couple of those doing the 4x4's.  Speaking as one doing a larger "quilt" I can attest that it is harder than it looks, mainly because of the dry time between coats and colors.  Great instructions helped and we had a large selection of colors and could always mix to achieve our perfect hue.  As usual a wonderful carry-in lunch helped sustain us, as did the company! 
Below are images from the day    I hope to add more to the completed group as participants send me pictures of finished projects !
AnnaRose - our fearless leader
Ready to get started
Patterns to help us get started if needed
Getting started instructions....
marking our patterns and how to tape off
This was AnnaRoses' first block
so many colors to choose from...
Starting to work...
Lots of good food always helps
bringing husband to help was inspired!
And here are some of the finished barn quilts !  ( click on pictures for larger images )
John Deere colors....had to be the correct shade of green and yellow!
Janna made some changes once she got it home...
Some updates to this one at home too...
One of the 8' x 8' started at the workshop
Click on an image for a larger view....
When you get yours done send me a picture!
Small Applique Quilt