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Member's Choice and tie for Viewer's Choice
   1st - Lana Ramsdale             2nd  - Kathy Havelka                3rd - Shirley Walker

Art Quilt Original

Wallhanging / Wall Quilt
Miniature Quilt

Applique Quilt
Large Pieced Quilt

Medium Pieced Quilt

  1st  - Kathy Havelka                  2nd - Mayme Easton                 3rd  - Elaine Elliott
     1st - Kathy Scott                         2nd -Janna Renner            3rd  - Ruth Fladung
         1st - Cindy Wilbur               2nd -  Laura Davids             3rd -  The Wea Quilters
    1st - Branda Jenkins                2nd -  Ibby Burgin                    3rd - Lana Ramsdell

     1st - Cee Kueser                     2nd -  Barb Brown                     3rd - Ben Havelka
         1st - Ibby Burgin                2nd- Joyce Geiger                3rd - Theresa Pritchard
Modern Quilt

         1st - Pat Noel                           2nd - Laura Davids             3rd - Brenda Mosely

2023 MCQG Quilt Show - Award Winning Quilts

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Presenting our 2023 Quilt Show's Featured Quilter 


Laura had a beautiful showcase of her amazing quilts
Solo Quilt - All steps done by one person

Beginner's Quilt
Baby Quilt

         1st - Rita Wobker                  2nd - Joyce Geiger             3rd - Janna Renner

     1st - Sylvia Jacklovich         2nd - Sharon Schroeder           2nd - Tori Pringel
Best of Show and tie for Viewer's Choice
TATTOO QUILT - Kathy Havelka
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Celebrity Awards
This year we asked local celebrities to choose their favorite quit and gave them a special award to place on their chosen quilt. These are their awards and quilt choices. 

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Father Joe's Award and Quilt Choice

Fire Chief's Award and Quilt Choice

Mayor's Award and Quilt Choice

Father Joe's Award and Quilt Choice

Show Chairman's Award and Quilt Choice

Robotic Team's Award and Quilt Choice

Scissor Sharpener's Award Quilt Choice

Sheriff's Award and Quilt Choice

Vendor's Award and Quilt Choice