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Member's Choice and Viewer's Choice
ALASKA- Janna Renner
     1st - Janna Renner               2nd  - Jackie McLean             3rd place - Rita Wobker

Art Quilt Original

Art Quilt
Miniature Quilt

Small Applique Quilt

Large Applique Quilt

Large Pieced Quilt

  1st  - Theresa Prichard          2nd - Alethea Parscale         3rd  - Kathy Trimmer
     1st - Kathy Scott                   2nd -Shasta Reynolds             3rd  - Cindy Wilbur
         1st - Geri Harlow                    2nd - Cindy Wilbur                 3rd - Karen Kiss
    1st - Wilma Stainbrook              2nd - Janna Renner           3rd - Nancy Hart-Kline

     1st - Janna Renner                2nd - Kathy Havelka                 3rd - Marilyn Gray
         1st - Ibby Burgin                         2nd- Pat Noel                     3rd - Laura Davids
Small Pieced Quilt

         1st - Laura Davids                 2nd - Verna Garrett                    3rd - Pam Pearson

2019 Drag & Brag Quilt Show - Winner's Showcase

2019 Gallery of Category Winning Quilts        
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2019 Kids Camp
May 18  - Cee Kueser and Laurie Jacklovich held Quilt Camp. 
Kids of all ages were invited to make a fun fast fantastic quilt top. 
Many members of MCQG showed up to help these young quilters. 
Pizza and pop were enjoyed for lunch. 
It appears a fun time was had by all! 

Medium Pieced Quilt

Beginner Quilter's Quilt
Baby Quilt

         1st - Loree Gardner         2nd - Alethea Parscale              3rd - Janna Renner
       1st - Darlene Hadsell             2nd - Marsha Schultz               3rd - Susan Scott
Miami County Fair! And we were there! 
Jerri Hefling & Catherine Kane

BEST OF SHOW - Cee Kueser



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Our Young Guild Members Have Many Talents

Grace Young

Elyssa Jacklovich